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Overseas Federal Army Civilian Jobs

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The U.S. Army relies on thousands of civilian employees to provide goods and services to hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the United States and around the world. The Army has dozens of sizable bases throughout Europe, Korea, Afghanistan, Kuwait and many other countries. Civilian employees are hired for jobs ranging from administrative assistants to veterinary surgeons. You can quickly identify available civilian jobs through the official U.S. government jobs site.

Search the USAJOBS Website

USAJOBS is the official job posting website of the U.S. government. The online site includes all available civilian military jobs in the United States, as well as international positions. You can use the advanced search tool to create a list of open positions in the Army at locations outside the United States. You can select a particular country or a region such as Europe or the Caribbean. You can also display all non-domestic positions. You can specify a salary range, full-time or part-time work and the type of position of interest.

Plethora of Professional Jobs

The Army hires numerous high-level personnel to provide managerial or professional services. These jobs include physicians, pharmacists, financial managers, contract management specialists, social workers, attorneys and teachers. Management positions are generally available for oversight to construction projects and information technology services. Some positions address the highly specific needs of the U.S. Army, such as Executive Service Officer jobs handling protocol and diplomacy duties for foreign operations.

Variety of Entry and Midlevel Positions

The Army offers a wide variety of overseas jobs at many levels of pay and experience. These includes bartenders, hotel service staff, custodians, food service workers, child-care providers, recreation assistants and equipment maintenance staff. Many assistant level positions are also available that provide support to more senior level jobs. For example, animal health technicians provide support to senior veterinarians and assistant director positions are advertised to provide support to senior facility or operations managers.

Get in on the Details

Some civilian Army personnel are actually hired by other federal agencies that subsequently assign the employee to the Army, a process known as a detail. For example, some Army health positions, such as doctors, epidemiologists and health researchers, are hired by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and then detailed to overseas assignments in the military.

See the World

The Army operates in more than 75 countries and has permanent locations overseas, as well as temporary facilities depending on troop deployments and current operations. Some examples of international locations for Army facilities are the Spangdahlem Veterinary Treatment Facility in Germany; the Occupational Therapy Clinic of the Department of Surgery at Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, South Korea; the Army base at Kaiserslautern, Germany, the largest military community outside the United States; and other operations in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Belgium, Italy, Kuwait, Egypt, Pakistan, Honduras and Hungary.