Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Outdoor Jobs with Business Degrees

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Although most people spend their work hours indoors, a work environment where you can look at the sky, experience the elements and not be tied to one indoor site ranks high on the wish list of some job seekers. The prerequisites for finding and obtaining the position you want are initiative, imagination and plain old detective work.

Green Jobs

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Some of the fastest growing outdoor jobs are in green industries, involving solar energy, wind and hydropower and also jobs in recycling, construction, building and landscaping. Many of the available positions require expertise or certification in a specific area, as well as a business degree. Positions in sales, marketing, administrative jobs and supervisors are possibilities. Engineers with business degrees are sought after in many green industries.

Tavel and Tourism Industries

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The travel and tourism industries offer an array of positions, including managers of facilities such as parks, museums, amusement and theme parks and tourism sites. Business majors are needed as site managers and human resource personnel. Many places require large temporary seasonal staff. Professional personnel hire, train and manage the staff. Jobs as tour guides, travel agents and planners should also be researched.

Sports-Related Facilities Management

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Many municipalities have recreational facilities, including parks, golf courses, ice and/or skating rinks, professional or semi-pro ball parks, event venues and convention centers. There are private venues such as golf courses as well. All require professional managers and administrative personnel.

The Federal Government

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The federal government has thousands of outdoor jobs for individuals with a business degree. The three major agencies with the most opportunities for outdoor positions are the EPA (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), the National Park Service and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Additional Suggestions

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Many people may dismiss a number of possibilities because they consider them inside rather than outdoor positions. Consider a career as a private detective or investigator, insurance appraiser, construction and building inspector, or real estate broker. Many jobs involve both indoor and outdoor settings. Specialized management consultants work on corporate challenge and development programs. There are a number of opportunities for those interested in teaching and educational positions in outdoor programs and environmental centers. An adventurous soul might consider becoming an outdoor trip leader or tour guide. Program directors or managers of outdoor centers utilize an individual’s business degree and offer opportunities for outdoor time along with desk work. A related position is fundraiser for environmental and conservation groups. Consider jobs at environmental centers, conservation groups and environmental organizations, outdoor museums, zoos and other outdoor attractions.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook

This government publication is a comprehensive volume of jobs, job descriptions, job prospects, training and educational requirements and average salaries. The book is updated annually. A search can be made by industry or specific job title. The publication includes the job outlook for occupations through 2018. In a competitive market a job seeker wants to spend time on occupations with enough openings offering a chance of getting a position. The size of a specific field and growth or decline over the next few years can be decisive factors in choosing a career.


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