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How to Get a Job with the CDC

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a federal agency and part of the Department of Health and Human Services. It works to protect American citizens from potential health threats and disease outbreaks by finding cures and carefully investigating the source of health-related issues. The CDC employs a variety of professionals in the United States and overseas.

Job Openings

Go to the CDC website and find the link for employment. The employment homepage allows you to search job openings by search term, category, location or group. Search for jobs that fit your qualifications. Job openings are posted on the federal government’s website Follow the application instructions to apply for openings that interest you. The CDC strongly suggests using the resume template on the site to ensure all of the information it requires is complete on your application. Each job has a closing date to accept applications. The CDC will select an applicant within 45 days of the closing date.

Considerations Before Applying

The CDC has strict requirements for most of its job openings. Some jobs require previous experience working for a federal agency, and others require a bachelor’s degree and experience. Health scientist jobs require a degree and working for a federal agency. Although engineering technician jobs do not require a degree, they do require previous experience with a federal agency. The CDC offers internships and fellowships for those with minimal experience. It also offers events and career fairs to assist you in your application process.