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How Much Do Guidance Counselors Make?

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Guidance counselors provide academic and career advice to students and job seekers. Before settling on a career as a guidance counselor, get the facts about salaries in the profession. Use these figures to provide yourself with some guidance as you decide if it's the right field for you.

Average Pay

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly rate of pay for guidance counselors is $27.18, as of 2011. The BLS estimates annual wages based on a yearly total of 2,080 hours -- equivalent to working full-time year-round. Based on this, the BLS estimates that the average guidance counselor makes $56,540 per year, as of 2011.


The median salary for guidance counselors is slightly less than the average. The median wage for guidance counselors is $26.02 per hour, or $54,130 per year, in 2011.

Top Earners

There is potential as a guidance counselor to earn significantly more than the average or median salaries. The top 10 percent of earners make in excess of $41.83 per hour, or $87,020 per year. The top 75 percent of guidance counselors make more than $33.60 per hour, which is equivalent to earning in excess of $69,890 per year.

Bottom Earners

While there is potential for big earnings as a guidance counselor, these are not guaranteed. The bottom 25 percent of earners earn significantly less than the top earners. In fact, in 2011, they made less than $19.85 per hour, or $41,310 per year. The earnings are even less impressive among the bottom 10 percent of earners. The lowest paid 10 percent of guidance counselors earned just $15.45 per hour, or $32,130 per year.