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How to Get an MTA Job

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Working for the Metropolitan Transit Authority, no matter the city, is not limited to transportation alone. MTA workers can range from a bus driver or train conductor, up to a project manager who plans new development of existing lines. Applicants will need to apply through the MTA website for jobs available in a particular city, but opportunities vary depending on the geographic location of the applicant.

Decide which branch of the MTA you would like to work for. Depending on the system, you can work for the rail, auto or construction branches. Employment also exists for management of bridges and tunnels, wherever these structures exist. Rail and auto transit jobs typically involve operating and maintaining the trains and buses that city goers take to get from one place to the next. Construction jobs are involved in building new tunnels, laying new track, maintaining roads and performing other tasks to facilitate the ongoing usage of transit systems.

Acquire certification, including a commercial driver's license, contractor's license, and a high school diploma. While these certifications alone will not ensure you can operate an MTA vehicle, they can help differentiate you from less qualified candidates. Many transit authority jobs will utilize onsite training to teach you necessary skills. Management and other professional level jobs might require postsecondary degrees that relate closely to the chosen profession.

Apply for a job through the MTA website. Depending on the system, you will probably need to create an account, choose the branch of MTA you want to work for, and upload your resume to the MTA database. For example, the New York metro area MTA website suggests that you keep your resume to one page, address the hiring manager in your cover letter, and write a follow-up email to help maintain ongoing interest in your application.

Interview and complete any tests necessary to acquire the job. A survey of applicants from Glassdoor suggests that you might have to sit for an interview with a multi-person panel. No matter the interview format, you should be prepared to discuss your resume, skills and qualifications, as well as what makes you interested in a career with the MTA.



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