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Marine Engineering Job Description & Military Pay

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The United States Armed Forces consists of a variety of units, few as versatile as Marine Engineers. Military engineering jobs consist of duties such as construction, demolition, repair and reconnaissance. Recruits meet strict prerequisites and engage in extensive training to perform in a role as an engineer. Those who persevere are rewarded with military pay that increases according to rank and years served.

Engineering Requirements

Potential Marine engineering candidates must meet various requirements before enlisting. Recruits must be no younger than 17 years of age and under the age of 29 when enlisting. You must have a high school diploma, proof of legal residency, and must pass a physical examination. The Physical Fitness Test consists of pull-ups, timed distance running and crunches, while the required combat fitness test comprises an 880-yard run, a 300-yard obstacle course, and an ammunition lifting test.

Engineering Training

If qualifications are met, the path to a Marine engineering job starts with recruit training. This boot camp lasts twelve weeks, consisting of physical and psychological conditioning, marksmanship training, hand-to-hand combat, strategic courses and extreme tests of endurance. Once initial training is complete, a Marine specializes in Engineering by taking courses such as the Basic Combat Engineer Course, Basic Metal Workers course and the Engineer Equipment Operator Course. Promotion to Combat Engineer Officer requires completion of the Basic Engineer Officer's course, a program that lasts nine weeks.

Engineering Duties

Marine Engineering jobs divide into three main specialties. Engineer Equipment Operators use construction equipment to excavate, cut trees, grade and move earth, as well as clear space. Engineer Assistants plan, design, estimate and manage support of construction projects, while Combat Engineers maintain and repair equipment, perform demolitions and construction in addition to clearing mines. Combat Engineer Officers perform leadership duties for breaching and construction, reconnaissance, mine warfare, obstacle placement and demolitions.

Military Pay Range

The United States Armed Forces, including the U.S. Marine Corps, provide basic military pay that depends on rank and years of service. Those who serve two years or less receive a minimum of $1,516 per month at the lowest rank, E-1, while those at O-8, the highest two-year rank, are paid $9,848 per month. Those who serve twenty years or more are paid $1,700 per month at rank E-2 and $15,913 per month at rank O-10. Combat Engineer Officers rank range between Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) and Second Lieutenant (O-1), with a minimum pay at rank O-1 of $2,876 and a maximum pay at rank O-5 of $8,590.


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