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How to Make an Assistant Manager Resume Sound Good

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No matter what industry you work in, the assistant manager typically serves as the second in command to the store or general manager and often takes over the helm in his absence. The assistant manager's duties can include everything from opening and closing an establishment to training and mentoring new staff members. To land a job as an assistant manager, your resume should include references to your leadership abilities, flexibility and communications skills.

Highlight Experience

Use your resume to show hiring managers that you are prepared to take on the role by highlighting the relevant experience you bring to the table. For example, if you are applying for a job as an assistant manager at a retail store, highlight your previous retail jobs and your responsibilities at each. Include experience that will fit the company’s needs, such as your success as a sales associate or your background in inventory management. Tailor your resume to each position so the experience you list is specific to the job listing.

Rely on Action Verbs

Provide examples of previous successes by using action verbs to start off each job or achievement you list. For example, if your previous job was as a cashier, give a job description such as “developed effective checkout procedures for busy retail establishment, resulting in shorter wait times for customers,” or “delivered accurate register readings with 99 percent accuracy, resulting in employee-of-the-month status nine out of 12 months on the job.” This kind of detail allows you to demonstrate your expertise at positions you might oversee as an assistant manager.

Stress Transferrable Skills

Sprinkle your resume with skills needed by a manager, especially those skills that you’ve already developed or used in previous jobs. Necessary management skills include being a good communicator both verbally and in writing, and being able to delegate, coordinate and evaluate other workers. You should also mention strong leadership and organizational skills, and provide brief examples of how you used these skills in previous jobs. Use words found in the job ad to create a resume that makes it past computerized application programs designed to seek out important keywords. This will also show the hiring manager that you understand her needs and bring the necessary skills to the job.

Keep It Clean

In addition to making your resume sound good, you want it to look good, too. Provide a resume with even spacing and wide margins so your education, training and experience stand out and are easy to find. Use bold headings to highlight credentials such as a management degree, or a Foundations of Management certificate from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. Also use headings for relevant skills such as expertise at inventory management software or best management practices.