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List of Jobs in the Event Industry

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In order to make an event go off without a hitch, people rely on a large network of professionals. Each professional has expertise in one area related to events given his individual skill set. A list of jobs in the event industry is useful for people who know they want to be involved with events but who aren't sure what specific field they should enter.

Security Officer

Security officers have the primary responsibility of guarding others and protecting their property. Security becomes more important as the profile level of your guests increases. For example, you may not need a security guard for a wedding reception, but it would be imperative at a function for senators and representatives. Security guards make approximately $12.70 per hour based on 2009 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They often have been police officers and typically have to be licensed by the state in which they serve.

Food Prepararer (Chefs, Caterers, Servers)

Many events are organized around some kind of meal. For instance, a high school may plan an awards banquet for its seniors. Chefs, caterers and servers handle the responsibilities of getting the food ready for guests. These individuals may specialize in one culinary area such as pastry. They usually have a culinary arts or related degree. A typical hourly wage for a chef is $21.27 as of 2009 according to the BLS. Others in the food industry typically make less, with many earning closer to minimum wage.

Disc Jockey

Disc jockeys, also known as deejays or DJs, provide the music for events. Because music drastically affects the mood of an event, DJs have to be sensitive to the purpose of the event and choose songs that are appropriate. They usually use computers to play the songs they pick, although the computer is connected to advanced sound systems. Typical pay for a DJ based on 2008 data from the BLS is $19.43 per hour.


Photographers are important at events because they immortalize images from the event on film. These images help those who attend remember what happened and what the event was like. Photographers have to be familiar with lighting and different photography options like film versus digital cameras. You typically need a photography degree for this career. Average hourly rates are $17.48 based on 2009 BLS data.

Marketing Agent/Manager

Events often need to be publicized in order to get a minimum number of attendees. This usually matters when an organization is trying to get the word out about a specific cause or when the organization needs a minimum number of guests in order to meet the costs of hosting the event. Marketing agents and managers put together campaigns for the event, including press releases, fliers and mailings. They earn an average hourly wage of $46.96 based on 2009 BLS information. They usually have a marketing or business-related degree.

Lighting and Technical Operations Worker

Lighting and technical operations workers handle the mechanical aspects of the events, such as spotlights or special effects like a burst of fireworks. Usually these workers have a background in audio, film or theater. They often have to coordinate with other event workers, particularly photographers/videographers and DJs. The wage of these workers varies greatly depending on their experience and because these workers may specialize in a number of other areas like makeup.


Coordinators are perhaps the most important workers in the event industry. They are responsible for overseeing every aspect of the event and thus must know a little about every other field. They have to pull together all the other event workers and ensure that each worker has what they need in order to do their job. These workers are the primary middle men between the host of the event and the others involved in production. Organizational skills are a must, and business experience is required. Expect to make $23.11 as a typical hourly wage based on 2009 BLS data.


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