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List of Job Duties of a Promotions Manager

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A promotions manager is a professional who is responsible for developing and coordinating promotional programs for consumer products and services. He or she searches for new and competitive markets to improve the company's customer base, advises senior managers on market trends and inspects marketing scripts for compliance with institutional policies. To pursue this career, you need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration or finance.

Developing Strategies

It is the duty of a promotions manager to design suitable strategies to enhance the performance of specific products. For example, a sportswear company can hire a promotions manager to create effective strategies for marketing an upcoming product. To do this, the manager needs to understand the existing market conditions, including analyzing similar products and assessing consumer preferences. If most consumers are Internet users, for instance, the marketing strategy should provide for online campaigns to maximize sales revenue.

Researching Competitors

Understanding your competition is key to improving product performance. As a promotions manager, you are expected to investigate competing brands and obtain crucial information on their marketing practices. For example, if you have been hired by a beverage company, you can conduct research to identify how similar companies are positioning specific drinks in the consumer market. If they record better market penetration because they supply products directly to local retailers, you should focus on finding reputable suppliers that can improve your sales.

Negotiating Contracts

Companies often enter into contracts with marketing agencies for specialized training of staff and advertising of products. A promotions manager might be required to identify reliable marketing agencies and engage them in contract negotiations in accordance with applicable company policies. When a retail business is looking for a marketing agency to design promotional labels, for example, the promotions manager works toward ensuring his employer signs a cost-effective deal and maintains positive working relationships. A smart promotions manager knows that everything is negotiable.

Maintaining Compliance

A promotions manager often collaborates with the quality assurance manager to ensure all advertisements are compliant with relevant federal and state laws and company policies. If your company is marketing products through emails, for example, the promotions manager ensures the subject line contains truthful information and provides a valid, physical postal address of the firm, in compliance with the Can-Spam Act of 2003, which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. The promotions manager also ensures claims contained in newsletters, brochures, bottle labels and postcards are evidence-based.