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How to List Your Agent on Your Resume

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Before you go after your next big stage or screen role, be sure you make it as easy as possible for casting directors to find you. If you work with an agent, that's the person the casting directors need to contact about your audition. So, after you know how your resume should be formatted, be sure your agent's contact information is near the top of the page.

Read over the job posting to determine whether the casting company has any specific requirements for formatting your resume. Not following their specific directions is a sure way to get your resume thrown out at the very start. As a general rule for resumes, head shots and other application materials, follow casting directors' instructions to the letter. That may mean placing your agent's information in a certain place on your resume, or including a separate page with the agent's information -- every casting is slightly different.

Talk to your agent before you create a resume of your own. If there are no specific instructions from the casting company, your agent may want to have a hand in creating your resume, including agency logos or other special information. If that's the case, your job just got a little easier, since you won't have to create the resume yourself.

Type "Represented by," followed by your agent's name and the agency name, two lines under your name -- which is typically at the very top of the page. Next, type your agent's phone number, email address, physical address and website address, each on its own line and justified left or right, or centered, directly under your name.


Read over your resume carefully to be sure you've typed the contact information correctly. It would be terrible to miss out on a role because of a typo.

Refrain from putting your own contact information on your resume if you have an agent. Let your agent do her job.