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Rock-O-Matic 546 Rock Picker Specifications

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The Model 546 rock picker made by the Rock-O-Matic company of Vonda, Saskatchewan, which is in Canada, is a piece of farm equipment. It can be dragged behind a tractor to clear a field of rocks ranging in size from approximately 2 to 22 inches, preparing the field for plowing and eventual planting.

Weight and Dimensions

With its hopper empty, the Rock-O-Matic 546 weighs 2,082 kl, with 912 kl of its weight falling over the left wheel, 936 kl falling over the right wheel and the remaining 234 kl on the hitch. Its hopper can hold up to 2,025 kl of rocks before it needs to be emptied from a dumping height of 1.34 m. This rock picker is 2,935 mm wide, 1,690 mm tall, 4,810 mm long and sits just 180 mm off the ground.


Its grate is 1600 mm wide with 17,760 mm-long grate bars, each 48 mm across. While the rock picker is working, its grate sits at a 47-degree angle.


The reel in the Rock-O-Matic 546 has a 1246 mm diameter and spins at 37 revolutions per minute when it is driven by a tractor's power take off (PTO) system at a speed of 540 rpm. It has 54 teeth spread among three bat arms. Each tooth is 127 mm long and 70 mm away from the next tooth.

Miscellaneous Specifications

Although the Rock-O-Matic can be driven by a tractor's PTO system, it also has an optional hydraulic system to drive its rock picking reel. This system has four hydraulic cylinders in addition to its one chain drive. The Rock-O-Matic 546 also needs to be periodically lubricated in each of its 12 lubrication points.


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