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Sonic Carhop Duties

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Sonic is a popular fast food restaurant chain that adopts the “old school” method of providing service with the option of using a roller skating carhop to bring the food to you. Sonic also gives the option of using their drive-through service.Not all Sonic drive-ins use carhops, but those that do require specific duties.

Greet Customers

All Sonic carhops must greet customers at the point of first contact, so having a naturally pleasant demeanor is an asset. A general greeting of “Hello, my name is Bob and I will be your server.” is polite, respectful and friendly. Along with the greeting is the offer to try any special deals, which should be fully explained. Let the patron know about special offers.

Neat Packaging

A Sonic carhop is to ensure that the packaging, temperature, presentation and service of all menu items meet operational standards. This means that the food must be served to the delivery points in a timely manner to be sure that it does not get cold before reaching the customer. The delivery points include the patio area and the cars parked in stalls. If using the drive-up method as opposed to using the drive-through, the Sonic packaging includes a tray of ordered food items that can weigh up to 25 pounds.

Handles Complaints

As the carhop, it is your duty to make regular checks with the customers to see the quality of food and service has met their satisfaction. If not, the carhop is to handle all complaints by promptly reporting them to a member of the drive-in management team. This demonstrates the importance of meeting the customer’s needs.

Additional Duties

Other duties include wearing the appropriate uniform and protective equipment as outlined in the corporate manual. A Sonic carhop is also expected to perform additional duties including preparing drinks and ice cream and taking guests orders when necessary. Making accurate change and clearing trays from customers’ cars and the patios are other duties.


Although Sonic provides carhops on roller skates, the ability to skate is not a requirement to obtain this position.


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