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Resume Objectives for a Dental Assistant

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Those seeking a career as a dental assistant should comply with their state’s requirements for licensure. Dental assistants earned an average salary of $34,000 as of May 2009, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. This profession requires knowledge of the dental health care industry, compassion for patients and the ability to work as part of a team. Your resume objective tells employers why you want an advertised job.

Career Ambition

The website Resume Objective Examples suggests stating your career ambitions on a dental assistant resume. When writing the resume objective, state that you wish to be hired so that you can thrive in your career. This shows that you have goals and do not see the position as just a job.

A job as a dental assistant may be part of plans to grow in the health care industry. Perhaps you aspire to become a dentist. State that you seek a position with professional growth potential. Employers are likely to choose a candidate who has a sense of direction and motivation.

Compliment Company

Flattery is beneficial when writing resume objectives. In your objective, state that you wish to work for a thriving dental practice. Another useful idea is that you are seeking to work in a dental office where you can build a career. These objectives compliment the company while stating your desire.

Tell the employer that you want to be part of a successful dental practice, and you see this in the target company. Also, compliment other parts of the dental practice such as patient care. In your objective, state that you wish to be part of a company where patients feel cared for and appreciated.

Using Skills

List your skills in a dental assistant resume objective. Write that you wish to be hired in a position where you can use your skills, such as clinical experience, compassion for patients and awareness of diverse backgrounds. suggests stating that you are a motivated professional and collaborative team player. Tell the employer that you are capable of meeting challenges in the dental health care industry.