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Physical Requirements for Auto Mechanics

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Auto mechanics repair automobiles and maintain them in good working order. Most of the time, mechanics work in shops, garages or automotive dealerships for which they have to develop proficiency with a variety of hand and power tools, machine and welding tools, electronic components and computerized equipment. In addition to being good at troubleshooting mechanical problems, auto mechanics must be fit enough to meet the challenges of hard physical work.


Upper body strength is important for auto mechanics, since they must use heavy tools like hoists and jacks. Automotive parts can also be heavy and require strength to lift and manipulate. Auto mechanics must have sufficient strength in their arms to effectively use hand tools like hammers and wrenches and to make sure that fasteners are properly secured.


Auto mechanics need stamina, since the nature of their work often requires physical activity over extended periods of time. For example, the removal or installation of a transmission or an engine involves several hours of continuous work to complete all the required tasks.


While performing repairs, auto mechanics must often work in cramped places, such as underneath a jacked-up automobile. Automotive work requires bending, turning and squatting. In order to access hard-to-reach areas on a vehicle that needs repairs, mechanics need good range of motion in their limbs.

Fine Motor Skills

Auto mechanics should possess excellent manual dexterity and fine motor skills. They must be able to work with small fasteners, such as nuts, bolts and washers. They must also be able to handle with finesse the many small components that make up the various systems of an automobile.


Normal color vision is a must for auto mechanics. They need to be able to read diagrams. Often, they are required to work with color-coded wiring. Auto mechanics also need good close-up vision, either normal or corrected, in order to see small parts and fasteners.


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