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Career Objectives for a Procurement Professional

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Procurement professionals purchase items, services or goods for a business. Their primary mission is to buy items or services at the best available price and with the best possible quality for the price. Career objectives for procurement professionals differ slightly by company and the items or services needed, but the basic goals are similar for most people in this job.

Finding Quality Items or Services

Any procurement professional, whether she is in management or in an entry-level position, is looking for quality in the purchases. The better the quality of an item or service, the better quality items the company is able to produce. In some companies, the procurement of goods or services is a part of the product the company produces, such as a computer chip for a phone. Procurement professionals must find the best available items or services for the company's needs.

Cost Analysis

A procurement professional must closely examine the cost of goods or services. While quality is important, expense is also a major consideration. If the cost is high, the professional might need to find an item or service that costs less and that may be of slightly lower quality. He should analyze the product and determine if the cost is fair, good or too high for the company's needs.

Education Objectives

Procurement professionals must have education objectives to advance in their career. An entry-level professional will have a basic four-year degree in procurement, which leads to purchasing for a company. Management positions -- procurement officers -- require further education in management and complex procurement. In the case of energy procurement, technical education is a necessity, as well.

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