5 Minute Industrial Safety Topics

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Five-minute industrial safety topics allow you to communicate potential threats to wellness in the workplace or around specific workplace equipment or chemicals. Choose topics for your presentation that fit the scope of your work. For example, outdoor landscaping positions might discuss safety in extreme weather conditions or recognizing poisonous plants or insects. Indoor jobs that require the use of computers might discuss the dangers of inadequate lighting or how to battle the negative effects of immobility.


Communicable diseases held a certain amount of importance in recent years in workplace and industrial safety. With the H1N1 pandemic ending, according to OSHA’s website, you can construct a five-minute presentation for the prevention of spreading disease. Include information on the importance of washing hands when in the workplace or wearing appropriate safety gear. Emphasize the potential effects if just one worker uses shared equipment without proper hand-washing and disease-prevention techniques.

Summer Job Safety

To bring awareness to a major cause of injury for many professions, including farming, landscaping, life-guarding and others, create a five-minute presentation on the dangers of working in summer heat. Include information on heat stroke, which according to the Mayo Clinic, results from inadequate fluid intake while exposing the body to excessive heat and rigorous work. (See Reference 2.) Some of the symptoms of heat stroke include high body temperatures, a fast heartbeat and a lack of sweating. Additionally, you can add other summer dangers into the presentation, including sunburn and skin cancer.

Cold Stress

Just as the body cannot handle excessive heat, certain workplace dangers rise in excessive cold. In order to prevent injuries in your workplace, create a five-minute presentation on the dangers of cold weather. According to OSHA’s website, hypothermia, frostbite and trench foot can all endanger the worker exposed to cold weather. (See Reference 3.) Include information on all of these illnesses, as well as the preventive measures of clothing designed to properly battle cold weather, ways to prepare for cold weather in the workplace and how to treat complications that may arise from the cold. If your industry uses special equipment that can add danger in the workplace during cold weather, add these to your presentation.