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Illinois Nursing License Renewal Requirements

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A career in nursing is a rewarding profession because nurses help people become healthy. There are several types of nurses and each nurse learns different areas of specialization. Though different nurses have different areas of specialization, the requirements to renew their nursing license does not differ in the state of Illinois. Illinois does not have many requirements for license renewal for nurses, which makes renewing a license easy and stress-free.

Time Requirements

The state of Illinois requires nurses to renew their license once every two years. While it is possible to renew if the previous license expired, it is better to start the renewal process about a month beforehand to prevent any problems with renewing the license. If the two years pass before the license is renewed, the nurse must renew as soon as possible to have a valid license. The process is faster if the previous license has not yet expired.

Education Requirements

The state of Illinois does not have any requirements for further education to maintain a license. Any nurse practicing in the state of Illinois can renew her nursing license without taking further educational courses.

Renewal Options

Illinois has a few options for renewing a license. Nurses can renew over the phone by calling 1-800-823-6100. If renewing over the phone, a PIN number is required. The renewal application form sent in the mail has the PIN number. Otherwise, the application form is printed from the Internet website to obtain the PIN number. Over-the-phone renewal also requires an active license. If the license is expired, the phone option is not available. An Internet renewal is another option. The Illinois Division of Professional Regulation has an Internet renewal option available on its website. The Internet renewal requires an active license. The last option is renewal by mail. With this option, the application form is printed from the website or is received through the mail, filled out and sent back to the address on the application form.

Cost of Renewal

Illinois requires a renewal cost for the new license. While the initial cost of a nursing license is $64.00, the renewal cost for a two-year license is $40.00, as of 2010. Online and phone renewals require payment by credit or debit card.