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Dental Tools for Pulling Teeth

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Teeth are tightly rooted in the jawbone that holds it firmly in place. The teeth extraction process can be painful. Dentists use various surgical dental instruments, tools and materials to examine and remove teeth. This includes specialized tools for the tooth extraction and protective gear for the dentist and her assistant.

Protective Gear

Masks, safety glasses and gloves are necessary to protect the dentist from debris, germs, chemicals and bacteria.

Inspection Mouth Mirror

The inspection mouth mirror is a small hand-held mirror that allows the dentist to see all nooks and corners of the patient's mouth. The round mirror is attached to a long handle that allows it to reach the hidden parts of the teeth.


Dentists use probes look out for irregularities in the teeth. By poking the probe into the patient's teeth and gums, the dentist can measure the extent of tooth decay.

Dentist's Syringe and Disposable Needles

For painful procedures such as tooth extractions, dentists often numb the area of the mouth or the whole mouth using local anesthesia. This is injected into the mouth using a syringe and disposable needle.

Tooth Elevator

The tooth elevator consists of a handle with a sharp, broad and elevating edge on one side. This side is used to extract the tooth. The other side of the tool has a bend to buffet the cheek of the patient and reduce pressure and pain during the extraction process.


The forcep is the tool that finally removes the tooth from its place. These are available in a variety of sizes and shapes for different areas of the mouth.

Suction Equipment

Suction equipment removes excess saliva that accumulates inside the mouth. The saliva ejector removes accumulated moisture from the inside of the mouth during the procedure.

College Tweezer

College tweezers are used to remove small objects like cotton balls from inside the mouth that maybe used during procedures for saliva control.

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