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What Tools Do Dentists Use?

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Dentists need a variety of tools to complete procedures for their patients. It can be somewhat scary seeing all of the tools that are often laid out next to the chair when you visit a dentist, but each tool has a specific use for a certain procedure. Different types of dentists may need specific tools according to the needs of their specialty, but a few tools are the basic necessities for all dental practices

Mouth Mirror

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Dentists use mouth mirrors to look inside a patient's mouth. It allows them to see the inside of the mouth at different angles to view the teeth and gums. Some may be single sided, while others are double.


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A common type of probe that dentists use is a contra-angled probe, which can help them locate fissures, calculus, or problems with bridges, crowns, or caries. Dentists use a periodontal probe to measure the depth of periodontal pockets, which helps them diagnose gum diseases.

Dental burs

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Dental burs fill cavities, repair chips, smooth, and polish. Before a patient has restoration done, the dental burs are used for removing tooth tissues. They come in a variety of sizes depending on their use.

College Tweezers

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Dentists use college tweezers to get and put small objects in the mouth. Some tweezers are able to lock.

Disposable saliva ejector

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Saliva ejectors are used to remove saliva by using low volume suction during a variety of procedures. Dentists may also use wool cotton rolls to absorb saliva, blood, or excess dental material.


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