Supplies Needed for Beginner Nail Techs

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You have finally secured your first job as a nail technician and negotiated a wonderful commission, but now you have to furnish the supplies to get started. Make a thorough list of what you need and shop wisely so that you can acquire the essential items without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Manicure/Pedicure Kits Implements

A beginning nail technician should prepare herself to offer the most basic nail services, the manicure and pedicure. Even if a client comes into the salon for artificial nail enhancements, she will need, at the least, a mini-manicure. Have nail clippers, both finger and toe, on hand for reducing the length of nails. You will need a nail file or emery board to smooth the free edge of the nails. If you choose to use an emery board, you will need to have a supply that you will replenish since you must dispose of it after each client. To groom the cuticles, have a cuticle pusher to gently remove skin from the nail plate and nippers to clip the dead cuticle off. Purchase a supply of cuticle cream or oil, lotion and scrub. You can purchase a pre-bundled kit of these products from several nail product manufacturers.

Beginner Enhancement Kits

Introductory kits offer an economical option for a beginner nail tech learning to work with acrylic, fiberglass, silk or gel nail enhancements. Most kits come with a supply of extender tips and small bottles of the powders, activators and gels that you need. This gives you the opportunity to try small amounts of the product without investing hundreds of dollars in a full system. As you deplete the supply of products you like, stock up on the professional sizes.

Nail Polishes and Art

If you plan to work in a salon where you will be the only nail technician, purchase a wide selection of nail polishes for your clients to choose from. If you purchase from a nail product supply house, you will be able to purchase them for almost half off the retail price. Purchase a kit of paint and glitter if you will offer nail art to your clients.

Practice Products

As a beginner nail technician offering artificial enhancement products, you need to continue to practice your technique to make your services perfect. A plastic practice hand serves this purpose. Use it during the gaps of time between customers you are likely to have as you build your clientele. Apply sets of enhancements and nail art. Place the finished hand on your workstation as a display of the quality of your work to attract new clients.