Private Jet Flight Attendant Careers

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Private jet flight attendants are a growing profession in the corporate and luxury travel worlds. More and more people are using private planes, as they are less hassle then using commercial flights. Private jet flight attendants can experience lucrative, luxurious careers traveling the world in many of these private jet flight attendant jobs.

Net Jets

Net Jets hires flight attendants to fly out of cities all over the United States, from Dallas to Palm Beach to New Jersey to Los Angeles, transporting corporate executives for major companies. All flight attendants who are hired to this private corporate airline must have had at least three years experience in the luxury travel business and have worked in the first class cabins on commercial planes, other private jets, yachts or private dining and travel experiences. They must also have excellent communication and customer service skills. A college degree is preferred for this job, as is culinary experience. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

Professional Sports Team Jets

Certain professional sports teams will charter private jets to fly from city to city for games throughout the season as travel is such an integral part of playing professional sports. Flight attendants can be hired to work on these flights on an individual basis and some can be hired to travel with the team or the private jet service that has been hired by the professional organization. There are different requirements for the flight attendants on these private jets, but the environment is often more casual and if they are a permanent flight attendant on the team plane, will be considered part of the traveling team in a way, making sure the athletes have everything they need as they travel from city to city throughout the season.

Freelance Flight Attendant Careers

Some private jet flight attendants will simply be hired on a freelance basis, working for a wide variety of private jet companies and only flying whenever someone charters a particular plane. This gives these private jet flight attendants much more freedom and allows them to work as flight attendants for very wealthy individuals, many of them celebrities. Obtaining a job like this depends on the flight attendant's own personal connections to private plane owners or airlines and their past work experience. If good relationships are made with individual clients who fly on the plane, private jet flight attendants can be hired that way as well.