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List of Command Collateral Duties

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In the United States Navy, command collateral duties are responsibilities designed to improve an overall process. "These duties are assigned to achieve a wide variety of goals benefiting the command or uniform service as a whole, but do not necessarily directly support a work center or organizational component's primary mission," according to Navy Storekeeper, a U.S. Navy directory.

Navy Storekeeper notes how these duties can have long-reaching benefits to a department or division, or even to an individual's career. "A Command collateral duty representative gives not only your career a boost, but provides the chance to take on a major responsibility within your command," says Navy Storekeeper.

Service-Related Duties

There are several types of command collateral duties. One, as noted by Navy Storekeeper, includes command-wide, service-related duties. Some specific job titles include command career counselor, command sponsor coordinator, command financial counselor, volunteer income tax assistant, voting assistance officer, educational services officer and pass liaison representative.

Specialized Duties

There are also special program duties which require a bit more specialization. Navy Storekeeper lists the following examples: command sexual assault victim intervention coordinator (SAVI), casualty assistance calls officer (CACO), command managed equal opportunity coordinator, command fitness leader, urinalysis program coordinator, drug/alcohol program adviser (DAPA), victim and witness assist coordinator and suicide prevention officer.

Coordination-Required Duties

Other duties require individuals to coordinate various services or processes. There are many examples of these types of duties, according to Navy Storekeeper. They include disaster preparedness coordinator, community service program coordinator, training coordinator, blood donor coordinator, combined federal campaign coordinator, Navy/Marine Corp relief coordinator, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) fund administrator and command evaluation and audit program coordinator.

Management Duties

Additional duties include management and/or advisory roles. Navy Storekeeper identifies the following as examples of these types of duties: energy conservation manager; fraud, waste and abuse advisor; hazardous material manager; Milcap program advisor, rec/home safety program manager; fire marshal; and safety officer/traffic safety.


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