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Jobs That Involve Driving Cross-Country Fast

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Driving fast cross-country can be exciting and, for some, even profitable. There are several jobs that involve driving cross-country fast. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over-the-road truck driving employment appears to be “favorable” between 2018 and 2028. Truck driving is one possibility but it is far from the only employment option.

Over-the-Road Truck Driver

Truck drivers are usually paid a certain amount for each mile driven; therefore getting to the destination as quickly as possible is a primary goal. Team driving, the fastest method of truck driving, involves two drivers being assigned to a truck. One driver sleeps while the other drives, keeping the truck in nearly constant motion.

Long-Distance Courier

Couriers are needed to transport all kinds of different things, ranging from documents to refrigerators. A courier can be hired by a specific company, or he can be an independent contractor, using the Internet to find work. Either option requires couriers to make expeditious deliveries to satisfy their clients’ needs. While most couriers stick to a smaller territory, some make cross-country deliveries.

Auto Delivery Driver

Auto delivery drivers are responsible for moving cars from one place to another across the country. Most of these drivers are contracted to a certain company to perform these services. They are required to drive the car as expeditiously and safely as possible. Persons needing this service might include professional athletes who are joining a new team, or a businessperson being relocated across the country.


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