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License Requirements for a Personal Chef in Florida

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Being a personal chef can be a very rewarding career that combines a passion for food and for people. As a personal chef, if you decide to prepare food in the home without doing any preparation elsewhere, a license is not necessary. However, if you opt to bring in food from elsewhere, or transport food in any way, licensing is required.

County Regulations

Counties in Florida differ in what requirements a personal chef is mandated to follow. Contact your local business licensing or zoning board to ask what you need to apply for as a personal chef.

Sales Tax Registration Number

If you are self-employed, this is especially important. You must register for a Florida Sales Tax number from the Department of Revenue. If you are not self-employed, but are considered a personal employee, you can skip this step.

Service License Application

To serve food that has been transported to anyone, even as a personal chef, you must apply for the Public Food Service License. This is also valid if you are going to take leftover food with you.

Pay Licensing Fees

Pay the proper license fees. There is a licensing fee calculator on the website for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (see the Resources section).


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