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Careers That Let You Make Your Own Hours

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Many self-employed people set their own hours to facilitate their small businesses or private practices, but some of those jobs still require workers to keep 9-to-5 hours to accommodate the public. If you want a job where you can set your own hours, consider professions that have flexible job demands and limited scheduling requirements. Opt for a career that doesn't require you to work consistent daytime or evening hours and in which clients can work around your schedule.

Freelance Writers and Independent Authors

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Choose a career as a freelance writer or an independent author if you enjoy writing. Freelance writers are self-employed and accept publishing assignments from private and public organizations. Even though most assignments have deadlines, writers can map out their work hours however they choose as long as they complete writing assignments on time. Independent authors write fiction, nonfiction, how-to books, poetry and movie and television scripts and can set their own hours as long as they finish their projects according to the publisher's or producer's time frame. According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012, approximately two-thirds of all writers and authors were self-employed and set their own hours.

Private Personal Trainers

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Consider a career as a personal trainer if you enjoy physical fitness and like working one-on-one with clients. While some personal trainers work for fitness centers and are required to work certain hours, others are self-employed and set their own. Personal trainers develop exercise plans and help clients execute them. Clients may meet their trainers at public or private facilities or invite them to their homes to work on strength training, cardiovascular exercises, stretching and weight loss. Private personal trainers can set their own hours, day or night, but frequently negotiate work hours with clients to ensure times work for both parties.

Private Tutors and Teachers

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If you enjoy working with students, or play an instrument, such as piano, violin or guitar, opt for a career as an academic tutor or a private instructor. Self-employed tutors can create their own hours but must be sensitive to students' schedules. For example, tutors often work after school, evenings or on weekends to accommodate students. Disabled and handicapped students need tutors whose working hours don't conflict with their medical appointments or therapy sessions, but these tutors can usually still enjoy a suitable amount of scheduling flexibility. Instructors who teach music lessons can also set their own hours but often must negotiate available times with students. Depending on the size of their client base and career goals, private tutors and music teachers can work part-time or full-time hours.

Call Center Customer Service Representative

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Choose a job as a home-based call center customer service representative if you have a home computer and a landline telephone. Some call centers outsource their customer service needs, so they don't have to hire office staff to perform those functions. You may select your own hours, but the company might require you to work a certain number of hours each week or month.

Private Contractors and Interior Designers

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Private contractors and interior designers set their own hours, but they must fulfill contract agreements with homeowners and business owners. Contractors make repairs, build structures, perform lawn care and install equipment according to time frames negotiated with owners. Interior designers work day or night to complete decorating projects and can schedule appointments according to their own needs and the needs of their clients.


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