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Globalization has led to India's emergence as one of the most important job markets in the world in 2010. Many of the world's leading companies have sought to reduce costs in the wake of the global recession, with the result that India is in the rare position of reducing unemployment in spite of the economic downturn. The top jobs in India illustrate its blossoming modernity.


The most popular job sector in India is still IT, although job numbers have dwindled, owing to the global financial crisis. Typically, these jobs are well paid and offer a better lifestyle to young Indians. More jobs are set to be created by BPO (business process outsourcing) in India, and the salaries are nearly double the average wage in the country.


The number of jobs in aviation has risen this year in India, including those of pilot and airline cabin crew. Air India is the domestic airline of India and employs 30,000 people as well as boasting a 136-strong fleet of aircraft.


The hospitality sector goes from strength to strength in India, with increasing numbers of tourists on a wide range of budgets sampling India's broad cultural landscapes. The Commonwealth Games is also coming to Delhi in October 2010 and will bring an influx of thousands of athletes and tourists to the nation's hotels and restaurants.


Retail is one of India's biggest emerging job markets, with an estimated 2 million positions filled in 2010. ASSOCHAM Business Barometer (ABB) estimates a turnover of $21.5 billion for the industry, lining the pockets of India's working population.


Ninety percent of India's population is without health insurance, meaning that jobs in health insurance are particularly on the rise, and India outsources many doctors and nurses to the rest of the world. The Indian healthcare industry was estimated at being worth $35 billion in 2007, leaving the door open for millions of Indian people to make money in the field.

Social Network Marketing

Social media marketing is an emerging job market in India and is even used by websites like Socialmoto to put recruiters directly in contact with job seekers. Social media marketing is a popular method used by large businesses to reach potential customers on a one-to-one basis. Because of this, demands for SEO professionals, SEM experts, PPC campaigners, internet marketers and bloggers are on the rise. India is also in the enviable position of being an English-speaking country working with an Internet that is largely written in the English language.


Many governments suffering because of the recession are beginning to take green matters very seriously, as green jobs represent a growth market. The global industry value is set to rise to $2.74 trillion before 2020, twice its current size.

Real Estate

A growing population will always have a great need for manpower in the property sector, and with India set to hit the 1.5 billion population mark, lucrative opportunities await potential employees in real estate.


With India modernizing in line with the western world, jobs in technological research are hot for would-be workers. Growth in this industry is predicted to be 14 percent over the next year. India is set to become an industry leader in scientific/mathematical research.


Jobs with debt-consolidation companies, as well as with money-management businesses, are set to see their stock rise in the wake of the recession. Investment banking is another field with a bright future as companies look to capitalize on hardship.


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