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Brink's Job Requirements

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Brink's specializes in armored transportation and secure logistics. If you have a high school education and are looking for an entry-level job, or if you have an advanced degree with ample work experience, you can find a career with this respected organization. Requirements depend on the kind of employment you seek, but all employees need to demonstrate general integrity and strength of character.

Strong Work History and Credit Record

A solid employment record and credit history are general requirements for securing work at Brink's. Good credit suggests that employees are responsible with money and lowers the chance of employee theft due to problems with personal finances. Similarly, a work history without significant gaps signals applicant maturity and financial stability. Be sure that you can explain any periods of unemployment in your work history if you get a job interview.

Ethics and Integrity

Brink's requires that their employees demonstrate ethics and integrity. Expect a criminal records check before you get hired. During the interview, the recruiter might ask you questions to assess your ethical decision-making skills. Take time to think through your responses and answer carefully.

Cash Handling and Math Skills

Cash handling skills are not required for employees driving armored trucks, but they are required for most office positions. While a money room clerk only requires basic math, cash handling and accounting knowledge, more advanced office positions require extensive accounting experience that aligns with job expectations. For example, Brink's requires candidates for its vacant VP of Finance position to have superb financial analysis skills and at least five years of experience managing the finances of a multimillion dollar corporation.

Able to Qualify for a Firearm Permit

This requirement does not apply to back-office personnel who don't deal directly with cash, but it applies to money room clerks and vehicle drivers who handle and transport money. If you're interested in one of these two positions, make sure that you qualify for a firearm license in the state you want to work in. Requirements vary from state to state. While some states have no licensing procedures, some require that you pass a background check or apply for a formal firearms license.

Driver-Specific Requirements

If you work with Brink's as a driver, you'll need to obtain a Class B Department of Transportation commercial driver's license. Brink's also requires that their drivers have excellent driving records and are at least 21 years old. Class B licensing involves passing a physical examination and drug screening issued by the Department of Transportation.


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