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ICC Certification Requirements

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Ensuring the highest levels of safety and providing education on how to maintain them are the primary goals of the International Code Council (ICC), a body that oversees the creation of standard codes for building, electrical work, fire safety, and green initiatives. Although not all state and local governments adhere to ICC codes, those that do require companies and professionals such as inspectors to become certified in one of 39 categories. Certification can be accomplished by passing an examination in the chosen category.

Public Information

Supplying members of the public with the information they need regarding building safety and other related topics is a key portion of each ICC certification exam. For example, a permit technician is responsible for having knowledge of the processes for obtaining grants in one's state, compliance codes, and how to pass inspections when they arise. Knowing just how much information to disclose and what is legal to reveal protects both the company involved and its employees as well as the public.


An integral part of any ICC certification exam is questioning a future or existing company about their policies to protect the health and safety of their workers. Even though a building plans examiner may focus on the way an edifice will be constructed, the examiner must ensure that the responsible company has established and explained to their workers the guidelines for safety in the workplace.

Project Administration

Before the first shovel can break ground on a new or existing project, someone who is either employed by the local or state government must come and check to ensure that the proper permits have been granted. In addition, building plans must always be kept on hand and ready should an inspector come by to see them.


Each state has its own laws regarding the accessibility of a building to those with physical disabilities. Knowing how this can affect construction and ensuring that a building plan has this already factored in is essential knowledge for an ICC certified individual like a commercial building inspector.