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Requirements for Ohio Correctional Officers

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The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections hires the most qualified candidates for its correctional officer jobs. There are minimum qualifications that must be met to get hired and there are also physical, emotional and academic requirements. All candidates must complete the appropriate training and background checks.

Basic Qualifications

All corrections officers in Ohio must have at least a high school diploma or an equivalency degree. They must possess a valid driver's license for any job related to transportation in the prisons. All officers must pass the corrections department assessment within two years of being offered a job or the applicant can be previously certified by the department of corrections and currently working there in a different capacity or job title. Any new hires are required to complete a one-year probationary period.

Background Check

All potential employees must submit to a thorough background investigation. The background check will be held in a private file system for one year after hire. It will not be part of the officer's case merit file. Applicants must fill out a personal history form and submit required documentation including driver's license, Social Security card, birth certificate, proof of residence and a complete list of family members--parents, siblings, spouse and children--all of whom will be checked out as well. The applicant will need to provide fingerprints, education history with transcripts, employment history for the past five years and a personal reference.

Corrections Training Academy

Before starting working in a correctional facility in Ohio, all corrections officers must complete a pre-service training program. Part of the training requires a medical clearance from a doctor to participate in the self-defense course. The corrections officer must complete 160 hours of training in his first year and 120 hours of training each year after to keep updated on techniques and refresher courses on critical skills. Corrections officers will be certified as passing the pre-service training when they have a proficient score in CPR, unarmed self-defense, pepper spray usage, firearms and transportation of inmates.


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