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Academic Requirements to Become a Shop Teacher

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Shop teachers, also known by their more formal titles of industrial arts or career and technical education teachers, generally are required to obtain the same education as all other teachers who teach on the secondary level. Although states vary on the minimum qualifications required to teach on the secondary level, most states require all teachers on the secondary level to fulfill that states teacher certification requirements.


Generally, most states require a shop teacher to have completed a four-year degree in the field of study they wish to teach. Shop teachers can gain a four-year degree in industrial arts or electronics. Additionally, shop teachers have the option of degrees associated with wood and metal construction and manufacturing or manual and computer-aided design.

Teacher Certification

All public school teachers in the United States who teach in middle and secondary schools are required to complete a state teaching certificate. If a potential shop teacher does not have a degree in education, there are alternative routes the applicant can take to become certified.


Although most states require a four-year degree, there are exceptions. Some states acknowledge years of experience or time on the job in place of a four-year degree. However, some states require continuing education, job skills testing or the completion of a master's-level education after hire.

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