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TSA Employment Requirements

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Transportation Security Administration (TSA) jobs continue to be in high demand due to the pervasive threat of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Most TSA jobs consist of security professionals, although some involve program management and security analysis. Generally, TSA jobs require that applicants are United States citizens, are able to pass a favorable background investigation and are thus able to obtain a security clearance.

United States Citizenship

For security reasons, the Transportation Security Administration requires all employees to possess U.S. citizenship or U.S. national status. For U.S. citizens, this would require a birth certificate. For nationals, it would require a passport that indicates U.S. national status.

Written and Oral Communication Skills

Because TSA employees must interface with the public on a regular basis, they must possess strong oral communication skills. Furthermore, they must possess effective writing skills in order to write reports.

Background Investigation

Depending on how sensitive the position is in terms of security, the applicant may be advised that the TSA will initiate a typical background investigation or a more complex single-scope background investigation (SSBI). While the traditional background investigation involves looking into your financial records, employment and criminal history, a single scope background investigation (SSBI) is more thorough and includes contacting co-workers, neighbors, schools attended, employers, places lived and interviews with current and former colleagues.

Security Clearance

After the background investigation is successfully completed and the job offer is accepted, the new TSA employee is granted a security clearance. The security clearance generally means that the new worker is granted access to secure areas and classified information.