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Paid Article Writing Jobs

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

The Internet enables more writers than ever to work from home and make money doing what they love. Companies, newspapers, blogs and websites all hire online freelance writers to create unique and informative content. There are hundreds of job search websites solely devoted to helping writers find paid article writing jobs. If you are interested in writing for a particular publication, email makes contacting that publication convenient. Paid article writing jobs frequently require applicants to possess a college degree.

Ghost Blogging

Companies and retailers often have blogs on their websites to keep customers updated on new sales, products and company news. These companies hire ghost bloggers to provide the content. Most companies list blogging jobs alongside other job openings on their websites. If you are passionate about a company&#039;s mission, give them a call or email them your resume.

Local Newspapers

The local newspaper may not be able to hire you full-time, but news publishers often hire freelance writers and pay them to write individual articles. Submit article ideas to your local newspaper to see if they&#039;re interested. They may keep your name on file to cover small news stories or articles related to your field of expertise.

Web Content

Companies operating website networks in various industries look for writers to provide meaningful and informative content for those websites. These jobs require you to be an expert in the field about which you are writing to provide well-founded articles to the reader. These companies may pay per article or by using an advertising revenue share system.


Companies and websites often hire freelance copywriters for advertising campaigns or content. A strong portfolio is required to land a freelance copywriting job. The ability to work on a deadline is essential, as are strong multitasking skills.

Grant Writing

Grant writing is another sector within paid article writing jobs. Grant writers generate revenue by researching, preparing and submitting proposals and grant applications for various industries in the medical, business, science and technical fields. Grant writers work closely with the company, usually on a part-time basis.