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What Are the Duties of a Lobby Manager?

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Nobody likes to wait. Whether it is in the post office, a doctor's office, a bank, hotel or government building, waiting can turn even the most mundane chore into an excruciatingly painful experience. To reduce frustration and keep client morale high, a lobby manager uses his or her knowledge to ensure everything runs smoothly.


In a mid-sized to large hotel, a lobby manager is responsible for maintaining the flow of customers that come through. If there is a huge group of people checking in at once, the lobby manager will oversee the process of making it go as quickly and efficiently as possible. Should there be any difficulties, the manager will speak with guests to answer their questions, resolve their issues and calm their nerves.


Providing information to guests and clients as needed is a primary function of the lobby manager. In a bank, this can range from helping customers with simple transactions to matching them with the correct staff member. Duties also include training employees on the bank's code of conduct and updating employees on changes in policy or procedures.


In a bank setting, the lobby manager is an active member of the management staff. He or she works with others to help the branch create and reach goals. This can include developing policies and strategies, monitoring group and individual employee progress, and conducting meetings to discuss these goals.