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Resume Objectives for a Paralegal

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The objective statement at the top of a resume conveys your career goal as it relates to your background and what you can offer to an employer. For a paralegal just entering the workforce, use your objective statement to stand out from other qualified applicants with a similar background. For a career change or promotional opportunity, use your objective statement to point out how your previous work, such as market research, has prepared you for a paralegal career.

Sample Objective Statements

Frame your objective statement to address the benefit to the hiring law firm, rather than what you want. Law firms typically look for paralegals who bring strong research skills, good organization abilities and a team attitude. For instance, you might write, "Top paralegal graduate looking to provide valuable support to a successful legal team." If you are changing careers, you might say, "Experienced marketing research analyst looking to contribute research abilities to a team in a paralegal position."


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