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What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Stockbroker?

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Stockbrokers are responsible for providing investment advice, purchasing stocks on behalf of a person or business and handling confidential information. They are the go-to people (Reference 1)


Investments, finances and numbers may be the center of a stockbroker's world, but so is the wellbeing of their clients. Stockbrokers must have excellent customer service skills to ensure the comfort of those they advise. (Reference 2) Because a lot of personal financial information is shared, stockbrokers also need to be able to keep secure records and deal with confidential information. It's important not to lose a clients trust by sharing their information with others. Armed with a stock's traits and financial records, stockbrokers must demonstrate strong decision making skills. With small changes such as mergers and pricing constantly occurring, brokers are required to practice their ability to make split-second decisions frequently. (Reference 2) Lastly, a successful stockbroker must be adept with math skills as they assess profitability and risks associated with each stock.