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List of Desk Supplies

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A well-stocked desk can make your workday more productive and the work you do more efficient. Make sure you always have one backup of every item on hand in case you run out. Try to keep the top of your desk simple and uncluttered, and divide the items you need into the drawers for easy access.

Writing Implements

Desk basics start with writing implements. Pens, mechanical pencils, fine-tipped markers and highlighters are all necessary desk components. Legal tablets are good for making notes or taking to meetings, and mini-spiral notebooks and pads should be kept on your desk for taking phone messages or jotting down ideas.

Incidental Tools

A stapler, tape, rubber bands and a hole punch are good tools to have on hand. A small pair of scissors will work as well. You may want to have a good letter opener and a label maker on hand. A box of paper clips is also a necessary desk tool.

Items for Correspondence

Envelopes, stamps and address labels should have their own drawer. Extra printer paper can also go in this drawer, along with file folders. Shipping envelopes, tape and bubble wrap along with business cards are needed items as well.