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Care Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

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Care assistants, also known as home health aides, work to improve the lives of ill, old and infirm individuals. Care assistants find employment in government or private organizations. Unlike a medical assistant, there are no formal qualifications required to become a care assistant, says Public Jobs Direct. Care assistants visit patients at home, in a hospital or other health care facility. Care assistants are required 24 hours a day, and many work night shifts. According to Payscale, the average care assistant's salary is $20,000 a year.

Run Errands

Care assistants run essential errands for their client. Disabled or ill people may be unable to get to the shops for groceries or pick up their pensions or prescription medications. In a hospital, the care assistant will often deliver medication from the pharmacy to the patients. The care assistant ensures that all these needs are met. Care assistants speak with the client or a family member discuss and determine the client's needs.

Perform Housekeeping Duties

Although not a full-time cleaner, the care assistant performs basic housekeeping duties that the client is unable to do. Things such as putting away items, washing dishes and taking out the garbage are all the care assistant's responsibilities. The care assistant may carry out any tasks requested by the client within reason. If they are working in a care facility, they will inform other staff of any specific problems the patient is having.

Cleaning Patients

Care assistants help clean clients who are unable to do so themselves. Aiding with showers, baths and daily washings are the care assistant duties. He will help clients shave or he will do this for them. It is also his responsibility to inspect a client’s clothes and ensure that they are kept clean and sanitary. Care assistants also help patients in the bathroom, assisting them to and from the toilet, helping them clean themselves or emptying a bedpan if the patient is unable to make it to the toilet.

Provide Overall Comfort

An important duty of a care assistant is to provide overall comfort to clients. Talking to them and ensuring they are not lonely is as important as making sure they have everything they need. Care assistants will often play games with clients or take them for a walk if they are unable to do so themselves. Encouraging clients to interact with others is also the care assistant's responsibility.