Fun Corporate Team Building Activities

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Corporate team building activities can help employees build stronger bonds in the workplace and get to know one another better. There are a variety of fun team building activities to try if you are attempting to build better connections within a corporate team.

Blindfolded Trust

The blindfolded maze, or relay race exercise, is designed to create trust between employees in an organization. Build a maze or relay race--think hurdles, turns, objects to climb under and so on. Have one employee blindfold the other and lead him through this maze or relay by verbally instructing him which way to move. This can be a race between pairs of employees, or pairs can go separately.

Organized Sports

Playing an organized sport in a local park is another fun way to build corporate team skills. Employees can play a variety of lawn games, such as volleyball or kickball, to build their strength as a team. Another option is to reserve a local little league field and play baseball or softball. Keep tally of the winning teams and, at the end of the day, award teams with ribbons or trophies for their teamwork.

Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt in a park, or even around the office, is another effective team building activity. Items in the hunt can pertain to your work environment, and clues can be customized to the workplace too. For example, hide a product your company makes in the president's designated parking space, and make a clue that says something like “You‘ll find this next item where the big dog arrives.” Scavenger hunts are a creative way to help employees learn about the company and work with one another.

Perfect Employee Game

A team building activity that requires a little imagination is making up an employee. Separate employees into smaller groups of four or five, and give them a large posterboard and some markers. On a smaller piece of paper each employee can write what skills or attributes he has that makes him a good employee, or they could go around and list other group members' attributes. Employees can then take the attributes they listed and, on the posterboard, draw up the perfect employee.

Questions Game

The questions game is an easy activity that can be done in an office or outdoors. Employees write down a question or command, such as “Who has great customer service skills?” or “Give the person to your left a compliment regarding their work skills.” You can even include questions like, “How long have you been with this company?” or get even more personal, such as “Where are you from?” Put questions in a hat or bowl and go around drawing them one by one. Employees can get to know one another, and acknowledge each other’s strengths at the company.

Camping Exercise

Camping can be an interesting and fun corporate team building activity, if employees can spare a night or two for it. Look up local camping spots in your area and give employees plenty of heads up, so that they can plan to participate. Camp for one or two nights and, as a team, you can designate people in charge of cooking each meal, or setting up tents, or if you live near a water source where there is fishing, designate a fishing team to bring home dinner.