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Nursing Opportunities in the Bahamas

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The high demand for nurses gives you opportunities to work in your profession while traveling. Travel nurses choose their employers by coordinating the places where they would like to travel with locations that need nurses. Travel nursing opportunities exist in many locations, including the Bahamas, but you must meet the requirements of the government of the Bahamas.

Division of Responsibilities and Specializations for Nurses

Nursing positions in the Bahamas fall into different categories, including directors and officers of nursing, staff nurses and clinical nurses. Nurses in the Bahamas work in a variety of specialized medical areas, including oncology, burns, orthopedic, ophthalmic, gynecological (including delivery) and critical care wards. You can become a nurse practitioner, a dialysis nurse, a psychiatric ward nurse or a research or recruitment nurse.


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To work as a nurse in the Bahamas, you must present your nursing license for certification by the Health Professions Council. Fill out the application to have your license recognized in the Bahamas and present a valid work permit from the government of the Bahamas, transcripts showing you studied nursing at a recognized school, proof of competency in the English language and a payment fee. Submit your birth certificate (original or notarized copy), a physician-completed health certificate attesting that you are in good health, a passport-size photo, a form detailing work experience and original or notarized copies of all documents. You must obtain a letter from your expected employer declaring that you have a job waiting when you arrive in the Bahamas. Finally, you must present two professional references and one character reference. A fee must accompany the application. Submit all forms and letters, together with the application fee, to the Bahamas Ministry of Health.

Ministry of Health Poinciana Hill Meeting Street P.O.B. 3730 N. Nassau, Bahamas

Finding a Job

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Nurses interested in a job in the Bahamas search Internet job boards. Job boards include or Contact Bahamian hospitals and medical centers to ask them directly about openings for nurses. You can find listings of Bahamas medical centers on the Internet.


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