Examples of CNA Career Goals & Objectives

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CNAs (certified nursing assistants) work to take care of patients' most basic needs. These individuals ensure that patients remain comfortable and that they are informed of the basics of their healthcare treatments. When working to obtain a job, CNAs generally compose resumes with career goals and objectives. These goals and objectives should be broad enough to encompass a large number of the things that CNAs do daily, but still specific enough to demonstrate to employers that you are the best choice for the potential job.

To Promote Positive Patient Care

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CNAs work closely with patients and can use their skills to ensure that patients' course of treatment and hospital stay is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. By selecting positive patient care as a topic to focus on as an objective you demonstrate both your general positive attitude and your commitment to ensuring that the patient experience is a positive one.

To Provide Emotional Support to Patients and Families

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CNAs often work with individuals who are going through emotionally taxing periods. By focusing upon providing emotional support in your objective you demonstrate your empathy and make it clear that you are a caring and considering individual who is genuinely concerned about her patient's emotional well fair.

To Ensure the Health and Safety of Patients

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Just like other healthcare workers, CNAs primary goal is to ensure patient health. A goal that focuses upon ensuring health and safety demonstrates your willingness to join with others within the industry to ensure that patients receive the services needed to remedy their ills.

To Play a Part in the Effective Running of a Medical Facility

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Medical facilities run best when all individuals can work cooperatively to care for patients and tend to their needs. When you compose an objective that expresses your willingness and desire to play your part you show potential employers that you are a team player and you are willing to work in conjunction with others to provide care. It also makes it clear that you do not see yourself as one individual, but instead as a willing member of a team.

To Share Medical Knowledge to Promote Patient Health

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CNAs possess a well-developed understanding of general medical treatments and can share this knowledge with patients to assuage their fears and reduce their anxiety. A goal that includes a reference to sharing medical knowledge tells potential employers that you see your understanding of medical practices as a benefit and that you intend to use this knowledge to better patient understanding and ensure quality care.