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Rehab Coordinator Job Description

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Rehabilitation coordinators are responsible for the medical care, therapy sessions, and rehabilitation training for patients in dire mental and physical conditions. Most commonly, these patients face problems with alcohol, drugs, sex, mental illness, and/or abuse. Additionally, rehabilitation coordinator tend to manage the finances within a rehabilitation institution. Accreditation and education are required for this job position by the majority of rehabilitation institutions.


Rehabilitation coordinators aim for the physical and mental improvement of their patients. Because of the high volume of people in need, however, coordinators most frequently interact with counselors and health care providers to ensure that care is dispersed in an effective manner among patients. Moreover, rehabilitation coordinators act as the primary liaison between patients, service providers, families, and guardians. They aim to ensure patients that they are in a safe, responsible environment that will provide effective treatment.

Educational Qualifications

The position of a rehabilitation coordinator typically requires a bachelor's degree in nursing or health sciences. The ability to collect and analyze patient data in both medical and social frames further ensures that patients will be treated effectively. A background in diagnostic and therapeutic procedural studies, as well as physical and health assessment, is also beneficial. Most often, rehabilitation coordinators have obtained registered-nurse licenses.

Experience Qualifications

Many rehabilitation clinics require that rehabilitation coordinators have had at least two years of experience in the patient care, rehabilitation clinics, and/or administrative health care fields. These skills give coordinators the ability to assess physical and mental health. Lower-level experience can also ensure rehabilitation coordinators have a strong grasp of the concept of possible rehabilitation plans and alternatives for their patients.


Rehabilitation coordinators oversee rehabilitation clinics to ensure patients attain optimal results. This typically entails a full-time job commitment. In other words, patients seek rehabilitation clinics in order to overcome substantial difficulties, addictions, or diseases--and rehabilitation coordinators put together a program for these patients to follow. By instructing and coordinating both long-term and short-term plans for these individuals, rehabilitation coordinators oversee treatment and courses of action to self-improvement.


Most rehabilitation coordinators earn a starting salary between $30,000 and $50,000 per year. As their careers progress, however, their salaries can increase to the $100,000 range. The average salary, however, remains around $50,000.


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