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Reasons for Becoming a Notary

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Becoming a notary public is an official service, an office of the state in which the notary resides. Reasons for accepting this office vary, from work-related requirements to generating extra income by offering this valuable service. Performing the duties of a notary can be a useful addition to a person's list of credentials.

Work-related Notary

Servicing a workplace by being a notary is the most common reason someone becomes a notary public. Banks, corporations and law offices deal with a continual flow of paperwork that may require authentication or witnessing in some form or another. Having a notary on staff is almost a necessity in some situations, as having to employ outside services could be a waste of time and money. Having a notary commission on your resume can make you a more valuable asset to certain employers. Mortgage companies, for instance, are in need of continual services, as no deed or mortgage can be recorded unless it is notarized.

Private Notary Service

Gaining a notary commission and providing a notary service can be a form of self employment. Persons who own a small business already or who are in a field where this service can be a good addition to their employment can benefit from the extra income generated by the notary fees. A stand-alone business as a notary may be difficult to maintain a solid income. However, a newer business model called 'mobile notary' or notary who will travel to clients may help those with a notary public commission to create a solid business base.

Public Service

Providing notary service through an organization or social service is another reason for gaining a commission. Many who work with senior citizen groups, shelters for abused women or other such service-based organizations can greatly benefit from the services of a notary. In these situations, the notary provides the services for free as an added benefit to the charitable work the group already does. In certain situations those who seek out this type of notary do not have funds or access to transportation and these services can be extremely valuable to the recipients.


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