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Duties of a Kitchen Assistant

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If you're interested in working in a restaurant environment and have always had an interest in food, you may want to look into what it takes to become a kitchen assistant. Becoming a kitchen assistant could be your first step in learning how to be a chef, and may inspire you to undergo the necessary training that is required for chefs.

Sous Chef

A kitchen assistant often fulfills the duties of a sous chef, including chopping or peeling fruits and vegetables before they are cooked. Kitchen assistants also work with meat, seafood, and poultry, doing everything from plucking the feathers from poultry, to cutting a steak or gutting a fish before the chef further prepares it. Individuals in this position are expected to use very sharp knives, and should be skilled in this regard. A kitchen assistant will often use heavy mixers and food processors in the kitchen as well.

Light Food Prep and Cleanup

Stirring or heating soup, making toast, or preparing coffee are some of the tasks kitchen assistants are commonly called on to perform. This is often the case for smaller kitchens where all staff members have several duties to complete, or for restaurants or dining facilities that serve a large number of customers on a regular basis. Employers for smaller kitchens that do not have a large staff may also require that kitchen assistants polish silverware or clean the kitchen floors.

Serving and Cashier Duties

If a kitchen assistant is working in the food preparation area of an office complex or industrial plant, he or she may be asked to take around a mobile cart with meals, desserts, and beverages, and serve the food items to employees. In some cases, the kitchen assistant in a restaurant is expected to fulfill light cashier duties, i.e. handling cash and giving change. The kitchen assistant should be aware of the restaurant's daily specials and promotions, in case customers have any questions or need to place a special order.


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