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What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Firefighter?

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Firefighters have jobs where they are expected to be in potential danger frequently to help other individuals within the community. Firefighters respond to emergency medical situations, building and outdoor fires, traffic accidents and work long shifts. That being said, the benefits of becoming a firefighter are many. Among some of the aspects that individuals enjoy as being firefighters is respect and high standing in the community, camaraderie, flexible schedules, good pay as well as extensive medical benefits.

Career Benefits

Career firefighters benefit from medical and dental coverage for themselves as well as their family members. They are commonly given access to credit union memberships, disability insurance, retirement programs, sick leave and vacation accrual and sick child care services. There is also opportunity for advancement and continuing education generally provided by the fire department.

Personal Benefits

Firefighters are constantly challenged and though it may be a profession that is considered emotionally exhausting, there are other aspects of the work that make it very rewarding. Many firefighters are proud of the type of work they do and appreciate the work environment they are in. For some firefighters, having the opportunity to potentially save someone’s life or assist them in a time in need is the ultimate reward. Since so much time is spent at the fire station, firefighters tend to bond strongly with their coworkers and come to deeply trust and rely on each other. In addition, many firefighters enjoy the work schedule that comes with being a firefighter, which often includes extremely long hours but separated by several days off in between shifts.

Mental and Physical Benefits

All firefighters go through extensive physical conditioning and must pass certain tests before being eligible for employment. There is also significant classroom training and education that helps prepare them for what they will see once they are working as career firefighters. Once hired, the education does not stop and there are commonly opportunities for further training and certification. Firefighters are also expected to take part in some sort of physical conditioning during their shifts and this can act as encouragement to lead healthy lifestyles.


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