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What Are the Benefits of a Professional Nursing Organization Membership?

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As a member of the nursing profession there are significant advantages awaiting you should you choose to join a professional nursing organization. Benefits include meeting others in your profession, staying up-to-date with changes in your field, and making connections leading to possible job or promotion opportunities.


Networking affords you, the nurse, to meet others in your field, if only to find new friends to share your experiences in nursing with. Although you cannot provide private information about the patients you have, you can give and receive support from your peers when it comes to dealing with challenges that are inherent in your line of work. Networking also affords you the ability to learn about new job opportunities.

Products and Resources

You may become eligible for specific rewards as a member of a professional nursing organization. According to an article on the "Nursing 2010: Peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Excellence" website, you may be eligible for discounts on automobile, life, or professional liability insurance you probably would have never been aware of had you not been a member of such a group. Also, you receive access to peer-reviewed articles relevant to your field.

Leadership Opportunities

As the Michigan Center for Nursing website suggests, leadership opportunities await you if you not only join the general organization, but also become involved with a committee. If the members ask you to serve in a leadership capacity, this could help you develop skills that may improve your chances for employment at a hospital in an elevated position.

Career/Job Assistance

These associations provide assistance for people who are looking for jobs in nursing. According to the Nursing 2010 website, a professional organization provides resources that will help you stay abreast of changes that happen in your field. Your local certification laws change; new scientific discoveries take place regularly. In addition, new jobs open up. Many nursing jobs have benefits, and these organizations have bulletin boards and websites advising professionals of these developments.

Continued Education

As the Nursing 2010 website states, many certification boards require you to take a certain amount of credits in order to keep your certification up to date. Such courses can be very costly; however, professional organizations can offer you classes toward certification renewal or maintenance at reduced tuition rates.