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The Top Careers for Introverts

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An introvert is someone who usually prefers to work on his own, not as part of a team and without too much social distraction or direct supervision. According to the website Bottom Line Secrets, an introvert likes to use her own creativity to solve a problem or complete a task. Among the top careers for introverts are ones that allow creativity and avoid a lot of interaction with management and members of a team. These are jobs that can even be done from home.

Website Designer

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Becoming a website designer is a good career choice for an introvert. Once the client has outlined his expectations for the website's look, the designer can apply his knowledge and talents to creating a website without interference from anyone else. As the designer receives approvals for the various stages of the project, he can continue to implement new ideas and create design schemes to make the site stand out. As of 2010, the median salary for a website designer is approximately $50,000, according to


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A copywriter is someone who creates text or copy for sales literature, websites, newsletters or any kind of informational or promotional medium. The copywriter can choose to work exclusively on the Internet, creating informational and marketing content for websites, or she can decide to freelance her services to companies requiring content. Once the context for the content is received by the writer and she understands the template to be used for creating the copy, contact with the client can be limited until the project is completed. The median salary for a copywriter, as of 2010, is approximately $64,000, according to


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An introvert who is skilled in mathematics and financial calculations may be comfortable working as an accountant. An accountant can begin his career working for a larger corporation, generating reports and becoming involved in its financial accounting. After a while, the accountant may decide to start his own practice and rely on the business contacts made during his corporate job to generate an initial clientele. Advertising and networking can be done through referrals by existing clients, so the accountant may not need to market himself to obtain new business. As of 2010, the median salary for an accountant is approximately $41,000, according to