Surgery Scheduler Duties

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Customer Service

As a surgery scheduler you will be one of the first points of contact for patients and visitors. It's important to provide great customer service to all who come into the office because surgery can be a stressful time for a patient. You will need to greet patients and visitors with a smile and cheerful attitude. A desire to help is beneficial in completing this part of the job.

Major Duties

Surgery schedulers ensure that a patient's chart is up to date and completed properly. Patient safety is always a consideration, which means accuracy in recording details is critical. As a scheduler you will register patients, collect fees such as co-pays, and verify their insurance and personal information. You will schedule appointments and any necessary follow-ups. You will also be responsible for answering patients' questions, such as how long a surgery is expected to take and what the patient can or cannot eat prior to surgery.

Pre-Operative Duties

Before surgery can take place, you must ensure all necessary paperwork such as consent forms and allergy lists are completed and on file. You will also make sure all required tests needed prior to surgery are done. You will walk each patient through instructions about what must be done prior to surgery, what time they need to arrive, and let them know they will need to set up transportation home. Review all instructions with the patient to ensure understanding. You might also be responsible for scheduling a follow-up appointment with the surgeon.