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List of Small Business Ideas

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Small business ideas are all around you. You just have to look through the lens of prospective employment. This also means taking a look at your own special talents from another perspective as well as looking at the raw materials you may already have to start a new business. That minivan that your kids outgrew when they learned to drive could be a potential goldmine.

Local Tour Guide

Even small towns usually have attractions that would be appealing to visiting tourists. Take that minivan and turn it into a tour bus. You already know the most interesting sites in your town and the best routes to get there, so use that knowledge to start your own tour guide business.

Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is a fast-growing segment of the travel industry. If you are knowledgeable about camping, rock climbing, scuba diving or any other kind of adventurous activity, you should consider combining your love of the outdoors with your need for income. Print some brochures, create a web site and you may need to hire some additional help within a year or two.

Left-Handers' Store

Follow the lead of Ned Flanders on “The Simpsons” by catering to the 13 to 30 percent of the population that is left-handed. Ned calls his store the Leftorium and it sells a variety of items that are specially made to make life easier for the sinister side of things. (Sinister is the Latin word for “left.”)

College Essay Coach

Competition to get into the best colleges is becoming even more fearsome; the ability to write an admission essay could make the difference for some students. While there are certainly ethical considerations involved in opening a business that writes essays for clients, there are no ethical considerations to opening a business that helps coach students in the fine art of crafting an excellent college essay.

Soup Restaurant

If you enjoy cooking, think about opening a restaurant that sells just one kind of food: soup. Start out by offering just three or four different types of soup a day to keep costs down. Once word about your soup restaurant gets around, this unique characteristic alone could draw customers.

Specialty Photographer

Just about everybody is familiar with the old-time photo shops where people pose in cowboy gear for a Wanted Poster or similar fun photos. If you have photographic talent and want to open a studio that sets itself apart from even those old-fashioned places, consider investing in costumes that allow customers to recreate famous movie scenes. You can use an inexpensive green screen computer program to recreate the actual sets and locations.