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Part-Time Online and Internet Jobs for Students

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

The amount of information and opportunities available online is constantly growing. Part of this rapid expansion is the increasing number of part-time online and internet jobs for students. There are quite a few different categories that offer full-time students the flexibility they need to continue their dedication to their degrees, while being able to earn well above minimum wage in many cases.

Freelance Writing

The internet offers a large number of job opportunities in the world of freelance writing. There are a number of web sites online with jobs for students who possess the necessary writing skills to produce everything from technical articles to ghost-writers and article re-writers. The wages vary, but the large majority of opportunities will pay more than minimum wage.

Teaching and Tutoring

The number of internet home users is growing at a steady rate, and with it, a new range of possibilities for teaching and tutoring online has begun to emerge. Free technology such as Skype and other paid services make video chat accessible to anyone. Many companies are beginning to leverage this and other technologies to create networks of tutors and teachers who can perform their duties from anywhere. The pay will vary from client to client and depends on the subject being offered.


Blogging is very similar to the freelance writing world. Both require well rounded writing skills and similar time commitments. However, many job opportunities involving blogging offer long term agreements and monthly payouts, as opposed to being paid per article. Individuals who take on blogging responsibilities will also be asked to focus in one particular area, while most freelance writers will write on many different subjects. Since blogging is a longer time commitment, many companies will start salaries at $200+ per month.

Homebased Call Center

These part-time internet based jobs for students are not quite as flexible as some of the other options, but tend to pay a little more. The job consists of all of the normal tasks of call center operators such as sales and customer service, but the employee has the option to choose what type of calls they would like to handle. Many companies pay on a per minute basis and incentives are usually offered for such as sales.


Transcription jobs offer students the flexibility that most traditional jobs will never match. These simple, straightforward tasks require that the employee transcribe an audio or video piece, usually in a specific format. The pay will vary according to the length of the piece to be transcribed.

Freelance Translation

The internet also offers jobs especially suited to students studying foreign languages or translation degrees. There are literally thousands of freelance translation jobs available online through a number of dedicated web sites. Both written and spoken translation projects are currently available. The wages vary according to the type of project and the duration of the assignment.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are very popular in today's marketplace. A large number of individuals seek out virtual assistant companies based overseas where the wages tend to be a lot lower. However, there are still a significant number of websites that offer virtual assistant tasks as well as full and part-time positions for wages above minimum wage. The tasks of a virtual assistant may include everything from setting meetings to conducting online research and producing reports.