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Secretary of Agriculture Duties

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The Secretary of Agriculture is a member of the president’s cabinet who takes the lead with USDA for the development of implementing policy on farming, agriculture and food. He is the main adviser to the president when it comes to recommending policy on interest of farmers, ranchers and general consumers.

Administrative Duties

Under the direction of the Secretary of Agriculture—the Department of Agriculture administers the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service. As an administrator he recognizes and makes a plan of action to solve problems of recession that include helping bankrupt farmers and the declining agricultural industry in general. The Secretary of Agriculture is also a part of making decisions in energy policy related to ethanol and other biofuels.

Inspection Duties

It is the duty of the Secretary of Agriculture to call on specific organizations to test or inspect equipment used in preparation or growing of food. He also makes onsite inspections of facilities and procedural standards used by such facilities. The secretary may then issue a certificate of inspection or testing if necessary.

Regulation Duties

Regulation for the Food Stamp Program is set by the Secretary of Agriculture. He acts on the demand of the increased need for assistance on purchasing food for households and families. Regulations for the price of everyday items purchased at the grocery store—milk, eggs, and cheese for example—are determined by the Secretary of Agriculture. Regulations for the operation of food plants are set by this officer of the cabinet. Certificate of compliance are issued by the secretary based on federal regulations. He is responsible for notifying contracting parties of the implementation of federal regulations.


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